Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Productive weekend

I did it. I put three borders on this sucker. But I sort of cheated because I mitered them. That means I sewed them in strips and put one border on. There is alot of math involved (which I like I might add) and I have a way to do it that is practically foolproof. (Besides the math part).

This quilt is my donation for our guild's Quilt Bingo in October. I took a stack 'n whack class and I liked this fabric but I am not crazy about this quilt. I should have used different colors for the alternating diamonds. Sometimes when I look at this picture I see the argyle-like diamonds and sometimes all I see are the red/white hexagons. I like seeing the diamonds better. It is from Stack 'n Whackier by Bethany Reynolds.

I had three more floral hexagons left (I was playing with the idea of making the quilt bigger) so I impulsively made a table runner. It went together really fast.

I even basted it and it is ready to quilt. We can always use another table runner huh?

Until next time...

PS I have disabled anonymous comments. For some reason, they bug me, especially when they come across as chastising and with bad grammar.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Likes and dislikes

I do love to piece. There is something so soothing about piecing. BUT, I have discovered that I really don't like to put on borders. This quilt wasn't so bad. One because it is small and two, there is only one border. I am a little anal about borders not being wobbly, so I go to alot of trouble to measure first. I also like inner borders (although this quilt doesn't have one) and that makes borders double (or triple-depending on how many inner borders) work. On my to do list for this holiday weekend is putting on borders for my Stack 'n whack. It will have three borders-ugh. I'll show you the pic on Tuesday. I will get it done! I also have to hem my husbands pants. His inseam is 31" and do you know how hard it is to find 31" inseams? So these pants have cuffs. Not too hard and they are all pinned, I am just procrastinating. They also will be done!

This cute quilt was made all from my stash. I had swapped jewel tone 6" squares on the internet a few years back (I had to cut them down to 5") and I just love it when the perfect fabric and the perfect pattern collide. I had the perfect border. I only had a yard and I used every inch! I have to find a backing. I have decided that I don't like pieced backs so I might be heading out to Joanns. BTW, our Joanns in Bowie is closing the end of June.

Until next time...

(And no snide comments Debi!)