Monday, March 31, 2008

Lancaster Quilt show teaser

I left the cord that connects my camera and computer
at home so you'll have to tune in tomorrow (I promise)
to see Lancaster pics. I won't blog without pics
so keep reading!

What a wonderful three days we had!
The Lancaster show was so much fun and inspiring.
We got there at lunchtime on Thursday, checked into
the Lancaster Host, and started shopping. We hit the
vendors across the street first. Then on Friday we took
John Flynn's carnival class. I used the navy blue and gold
batiks but the blues would have worked just as well,
although given a completely different look. If I am brave
enough I will try all these curves again.
There was a three hour lunch break so we checked out
some quilts and of course shopped some more.

On Friday night we signed up for a dinner and Linda
Cantrell was the speaker. She is hysterical! If you ever
have a chance to hear her do it. You will laugh and
laugh. She is the one who did the funny pictorial quilt
of the apartment and the funny Sunbonnet Sue quilts.
Then Saturday was more quilts and shopping.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel (a quilt travel tradition)
for a late lunch on the way home and got home in
time to celebrate my son's 26th birthday.

So here are the pics, even though they have nothing
to do with Lancaster. Except that maybe spring is finally
starting to arrive, albeit slowly.

My seasonal little wall hanging in my foyer.
(Bare Roots pattern)

And over my mantle. (From a magazine, I think McCalls)

Please check back tomorrow .
Hi Debi

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lancaster Quilt show-John Flynn Class

My friend Cathy and I leave Thursday morning for the Lancaster
Quilt show. I am so excited to see amazing, inspirational quilts
and of course shop, shop, shop!

On Friday we will be taking John Flynn's "Carnival" class.
It is all curved piecing. I, personally, am not scared of curved
piecing, especially after making my Drunkard's path quilt
but I am scared about choosing the right fabrics. We are
able to purchase a kit from John but being the control freak
that I am I don't want to purchase that sight-unseen. So here
are my two choices. I got it all from my stash because I
want to save all my pennies for the show, but I am willing
to supplement a little.

This one is my first choice, all batiks. I am worried about
sewing curves with batiks. They don't stretch as much as
traditional quilting cottons. I also will buy some more
solid-ish dark blues to cut down on the busyness.

This is my second choice. I have sooooo many blues and whites.
The only problem is that I think they might be too busy.
We need 10 darks and 10 lights. I would have to buy some
"quieter" blues like the first one on the left and the seventh one
from the left just to settle it down.

I am going to my LQS tonight to see what I can find to help
each set. I also have to buy more 28mm rotary cutter blades
because we will be using templates and you can't use templates
with the 45mm blades.

Until next time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quilt Show Eye Candy

The Southern Comforters 2008 Quilt Show was wonderful!
I must say, for a small town show we do have alot of
amazing quilts. Charlotte's quilt (above) won in a
three-way-tie for the members choice award.

Pam's Hearts and Flowers is the second of the three-way-tie
for member's choice. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the third.

This is the quilt, made by Karen, that I voted as my member's
choice The pattern is very unusual and, I don't know, maybe
I am now in my green phase, but this quilt just struck me.

Priscilla made this gorgeous brown and teal quilt. I just love
it and I love the name of it, Chocolate Mint.

And last but not least this is the quilt I made as my daughter's
wedding quilt that one FIRST PLACE! in the large pieced category.

I have lots more quilt show pics so stay tuned.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Silent Auction items

I have been frantically getting ready for our quilt show.
I didn't realize how many quilts I was entering this year.
They are all completed but I have to sew sleeves on them.
I only have one more to sew.

This cute little wallhanging is for our silent auction.
Since I don't sell raffle tickets, (I really hate to ask people
to buy stuff!!??) I always donate one or two things for the
auction. I am a relatively new machine embroiderer and I
got this cute design from I love this site.
Not only do they have great, inexpensive designs, they
have the easiest site to navigate through.

I also made another one of these to donate.

Until next time...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jill's green pineapple

Don't you just love it when a quilt turns out beyond your

My mother loved green and our whole house was some
shade of green. So, of course, I wasn't very fond of green.
I am a blue person. When Jill's sister said she liked green
I groaned inwardly but I actually love this quilt.The pattern
is from Bonnie Hunter called Pineapple Blossom. I
made it without the sashing because I liked the star effect.

I had this all cut out before my retreat and pieced it and
put it together that weekend. I just finished the piano key
border this weekend.

I will DEFINITELY make another one of these in blues ,
or florals, or yellows & golds... Thanks Bonnie for the free pattern!!!

Until next time...