Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lancaster Quilt show-John Flynn Class

My friend Cathy and I leave Thursday morning for the Lancaster
Quilt show. I am so excited to see amazing, inspirational quilts
and of course shop, shop, shop!

On Friday we will be taking John Flynn's "Carnival" class.
It is all curved piecing. I, personally, am not scared of curved
piecing, especially after making my Drunkard's path quilt
but I am scared about choosing the right fabrics. We are
able to purchase a kit from John but being the control freak
that I am I don't want to purchase that sight-unseen. So here
are my two choices. I got it all from my stash because I
want to save all my pennies for the show, but I am willing
to supplement a little.

This one is my first choice, all batiks. I am worried about
sewing curves with batiks. They don't stretch as much as
traditional quilting cottons. I also will buy some more
solid-ish dark blues to cut down on the busyness.

This is my second choice. I have sooooo many blues and whites.
The only problem is that I think they might be too busy.
We need 10 darks and 10 lights. I would have to buy some
"quieter" blues like the first one on the left and the seventh one
from the left just to settle it down.

I am going to my LQS tonight to see what I can find to help
each set. I also have to buy more 28mm rotary cutter blades
because we will be using templates and you can't use templates
with the 45mm blades.

Until next time...


Floss said...

I too do not like to buy kits sight unseen. I really like the batiks, but agree with you on not knowing how well they will work with curved piecing.

Quilting Pirate said...

safe travels to Lancaster! I'm thinking of going to the show on Sunday!

Sue said...

I'm partial to blue and white, your fabrics are wonderful! I think I'd go with that one :)

Anonymous said...

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Can you take each set of fabric and make 2 small quilts? Both color choices are wonderful.