Monday, June 25, 2012

Second fastest quilt

This summer I have two deadlines...two baby quilts . The two babies (two different moms...more cousins!) are due the beginning of October so I figured I had a few weeks. I found out the beginning of June that Jill's shower will be July 8th!!!! Good grief that only gives me a month. Can I do it? Should I just give her the top and quilt it later? I decided to go for it.

I went to the Annapolis Quilt show on June 9 and bought the fabric. It is Karma Baby by Northcott. She's having a boy so I chose the blues. I knew I wanted to make her the alphabet pattern from Fat Quarter Fonts by Atkinson Design because I made her an alphabet quilt when she was born in 1978. It was my first quilt ever and I shudder to think of what it looked like and how I made it. I was a garment sewer and didn't consider myself an official quilter until 1999 but I had made a few baby quilts before that.

I got the fabric washed that weekend and scanned it into my computer. Then I played with the combinations and while I am not 100% satisfied with this version, I decided to stop playing in the interest of time. Last weekend I got them all cut out and all last week I fused them and started machine blanket stitching them. I finished the top (including the borders but didn't take a picture) Friday night. Basted it Saturday and started quilting. I am about half way done the quilting so I think I will make it. I think the longest part of the process is in the designing. Whew. Oh and the first fastest quilt was here.

I'll show a photo later with the borders on and this baby will be DONE!

Happy sewing