Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beautiful butterfies

I just couldn't look at that Stack 'n Whack anymore. The more I look at it the less I like it. So feast your eyes on this beauty.
This beautiful quilt was made by Carolyn. She won this top a few years ago as our guild's anniversary quilt. It won first place in the group quilt category in this years' show. You can check out all the winners of our show here. Click on 2009 quilt show.
One of my favorite guild activities is the trash-to-treasure sale. I bought all these buttons (above) and lots of thread and a book or two (below) and of course some fabric. But my favorite find was a Joan Jones Santa face.
I bought the kit at Lancaster last year. She sells the faces already done but she showed me how its done, I bought the face fabric and the markers, and was confident that I could do it. Well, every time I thought about starting that quilt the face stopped me. I just couldn't get started. So when I saw this in the trash-to-treasure sale I grabbed it. So how many people think I will finish it before this Christmas? ....Yea I thought so--no takers. Oh well maybe I will at least START it before this Christmas.

Until next time...