Monday, March 31, 2008

Lancaster Quilt show teaser

I left the cord that connects my camera and computer
at home so you'll have to tune in tomorrow (I promise)
to see Lancaster pics. I won't blog without pics
so keep reading!

What a wonderful three days we had!
The Lancaster show was so much fun and inspiring.
We got there at lunchtime on Thursday, checked into
the Lancaster Host, and started shopping. We hit the
vendors across the street first. Then on Friday we took
John Flynn's carnival class. I used the navy blue and gold
batiks but the blues would have worked just as well,
although given a completely different look. If I am brave
enough I will try all these curves again.
There was a three hour lunch break so we checked out
some quilts and of course shopped some more.

On Friday night we signed up for a dinner and Linda
Cantrell was the speaker. She is hysterical! If you ever
have a chance to hear her do it. You will laugh and
laugh. She is the one who did the funny pictorial quilt
of the apartment and the funny Sunbonnet Sue quilts.
Then Saturday was more quilts and shopping.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel (a quilt travel tradition)
for a late lunch on the way home and got home in
time to celebrate my son's 26th birthday.

So here are the pics, even though they have nothing
to do with Lancaster. Except that maybe spring is finally
starting to arrive, albeit slowly.

My seasonal little wall hanging in my foyer.
(Bare Roots pattern)

And over my mantle. (From a magazine, I think McCalls)

Please check back tomorrow .
Hi Debi

Until next time...

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kansaswx said...

Well I couldn't NOT sign up and post after the shoutout. Great Blog Suze. I love seeing more quilts than I get to at guild. You're going to have to show me how to do the Mary's Triangle. I've wanted to do it for some time but haven't figured it out. Also spinning seams. Great job. You're added to my "favorites".