Monday, May 14, 2012

Better than sewing

Progress is being made on my Burgoyne Surrounded. I got the blocks and sashings put together and hopefully I will get the borders on next weekend. I think I want to try burgundy with maybe some nine-patches extending into the border. If I don't like that I will resort to my default! This quilt is gonna be huge. Those blocks are 15" and with the sashings  the center is 75" x 93". So with borders it will probably be a queen size. Not sure where this quilt will live though. I do plan on giving it away.

Now, I know all you moms will agree that one of the things better than sewing is spending time with family. Especially when your children are grown and you all can get together at the same time in the same place! We went to a family wedding on Saturday. Then on Sunday we all went to church and then had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration. I cooked, my husband grilled delicious salmon, and they all cleaned up! Ohhhh, it was wonderful and I feel very blessed.
It's always great see my two boys and daughter all together all dressed up!

Happy sewing,

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Quilter Kathy said...

What a great quilt!
And a wonderful mother's day!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I must make another Burgoyne Surrounded at some point. Just seeing them is such a pleasure!

Teresaquilts said...


Vicki said...

Beautiful, and the quilt is pretty too. I can't wait to see what border you choose!

Gail said...

Burgoyne Surrounded is one of my favorite quilt designs, and you have done a terrific job with yours.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilt.
Your Mother's Day sounds close to perfect.

Bonnie said...

nice job on the B Surround. And, what a fine looking group of "kids" you have. Having lived for many years in Maryland (Columbia) I keep thinking someday I'll be looking at blog photos and see someone I know!

Teresa said...

Well someone is certainly going to be lucky to receive that gorgeous quilt. Nice looking pictures.