Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Black, white and red all over

Otherwise known as the newspaper quilt!!!

I must be in a silly mood this morning. It is a dreary, rainy day
in Washington, D.C. so I guess being silly is better than being

I am a reality TV junkie. You know, Survivor, Amazing Race,
Big Brother. My co-workers and I discuss them at lunch so that
makes them even more interesting. So as I was day-dreaming
while driving to work, (don't worry, my car knows the way so
I don't have to think much!!!) I realized that this is why I have
become hooked on quilt blogs. It is like reality TV for quilters.
Catching a glimpse into your lives and what everyone is
working on keeps me inspired and makes me realize that I am
not the only one who is loves quilting.

This is my current project. I have been collecting black and white
fabrics for years now and found this pattern by Jackie Robinson
called Strip and Slash. It is so much fun--no triangles--
and perfect for my growing piles of black and white.

The top pic shows the steps (although out or order--sorry!) and the
second pic is a few blocks laid out on my design wall.
The layouts are limitless and will be fun to play with when the
blocks are done. I will need 192 blocks to make a large lap size.
I am thinking that I might like to do an asymetrical layout.

I do have to put this away for a while while I wrestle with
my king-size trip-around-the-world. I need to get that quilted
so I can cross that off my UFO list. I'll take a picture of it this
weekend. We are having my Paducah friend here for a visit so
I won't be getting much sewing done.

Until next time...


Dawn said...

Oh your black and white and red all over looks great! My friend is making one with those colors right now. I"ll have to get a picture from her!

Yvonne said...

Hi....great blog. Love all your projects and I'm drooling over all the fabrics you got on your trip. Sounds like it was a great time. Welcome to bloggerville!

Fabric Alchemy said...

Black and red are my very favorite colors. This quilt looks like it will be fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog, both for the actual visit there and also for adding another great blog for me to visit..yours!

Anonymous said...

The quilt you made is beautiful and I have been looking for a pattern just like that with the red,black and white. You said you got the pattern from Jackie Robinson, how did you do that? I went to her website and couldn't find anything except the Utube on the stripe and slash. Can you help me out with this please? I am making a single bed quilt.

Thanks, Mary Barnes

quiltinkimmie said...

Wow, I just love this!! Your use of red and black is terrific!! Nice job!