Monday, August 20, 2007

What a haul in Lancaster, PA!

Here is a pic of Angie's quilt. Well, it will be a Nine-Patch Pizzazz quilt
before Christmas. Angie is my son's wonderful girlfriend who
just moved away for
eight months. She just graduated from college and I
want to make her a quilt.
I bought the fabric on my trip to the Amish quilt
shops in Lancaster, PA.

Five members of my quilting bee (me included) took a day trip to
Lancaster, PA on Friday.We left at 6:30 am to avoid rush hour and
walked into Sauder's at 8:45. It is an Amish quilt shop in the basement
of a house out in the middle of farm country. There is electricity in the
shop but none in the house. There is also no bathroom! If you HAVE to
go you can use the outhouse. But the fabric selection is current and
the prices are around $6 per yard. There is also a bargain table with
folded pieces and many bargains.

Above is fabric I bought for a celtic quilt class I will be taking with Peg
Bingham sponsored by my guild,
Southern Comforters. I have already taken
her class
a few years ago and made a table topper. She is a great teacher and
makes the complicated piecing very easy. This time I want to make a larger
quilt and thought that Christmas fabric would
be nice. The background will
be the red, green and gold print and the knots will
be the green, red and gold.
I don't think I will use the lighter gold and white.
I bought it before I saw the
darker gold. I will post more about this class in September.

We then drove to Intercourse, PA and our first stop was the pretzel
and lemonade shop. We had hot-from-the-oven homemade pretzels and
fresh squeezed lemonade. Then on to some serious shopping at Zooks,
right next door..

Here is a photo of the miscellaneous fabric I bought. The top is a charm pack,
blues and since there is a scrappy blue quilt in my not too distant future,
I just had
to buy it. I know, I know, some purists wouldn't consider it a scrap
quilt if you
buy fabric to make it. But my definition of a scrap quilt is the use
of many, many
different fabrics. The white-looking piece is really a cute
shirting with tiny blue
flowers. The next two pieces are sewing theme fabrics.
Whenever members of my
bee see a sewing themed fabric we usually buy a
few yards and give each other
a FQ. Needless to say we have all accumulated
lots. The last piece is for our guild's strip
exchange for September, the theme
is blues. Well you know me and blue fabric.

We also visited the Old Country store. and while there was a raging
thunderstorm outside we all shopped and browsed. This store has a
beautiful craft section in the front, fabric in the back, and quilts
(already made by Amish women) as well as a museum upstairs.
It is a beautiful store and a must to visit if you are in
Lancaster. By the time we left, the sun was shining again!

This is my splurge. I saw an ad in the quilt magazines for this quilt using
Alex Anderson's Cottage Rose collection. The pattern is available free on
PB Textiles web site.

My bee gives fat quarters for our birthdays. Flo wanted blue batik, Terri
large print flowers in pink or red, Mary wanted bright batik,
Georgia wanted
brown and pink, Karen wanted brown civil war, Cathy
wanted red or yellow and
white, and Lori wanted brown, beige or rust.
My choice is --guess what--blue
and white. I feel very organized now
that I have everyone for the whole year.

We stopped at a few more little shops mostly selling quilts and then
ate at an Amish smorgasbord. On the two hour drive home we all
shared what we bought and I spent the weekend washing and ironing
my new fabric.

What a wonderful day!

Until next time...


Dawn said...

Oh what a fabric haul! I was just there in June and came home with a huge haul too! But I had to ship mine home since I was flying home! But oh so worth it. We never made it to Sauders - too tired after Zook's and Old Country Store! But I had also hit 2 stores in Delaware where my mom lives and loaded up there too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a Great time!! Did you have the chance to visit the Hayloft fabric store in Morgantown, Pa.? They are just off the turnpike about 13 miles from Sauders. They have a HUGH amount of fabrics at great prices. The fabric store is on the second floor of Martin's Country Market--in fact you can see the market down below from the fabric store (the store is open, like a loft). The gals who work there are very nice and very helpful. I stop in there a lot (much to hubby's dismay--LOL!!).