Friday, October 17, 2008

Quilt Bingo

I'd better get this post in this week about our Quilt Bingo
we had last Sunday.
We made this quilt with Bingo fabric for Joe, the Bingo
caller, who donates his services. We presented it to him
before the fun began.
This is one end of the stage showing the prizes.
Here are the prizes at the other end.
Leslie and Margaret at the basket raffle table and in
front of the special prizes. Do you recognize the
Carolina Crossroads there on the left? The baskets were
so beautiful. We had an Italian themed one, a
scrapbookers delight, a relaxation one, a reading one
and more but I can't remember any more. They are a
very easy money maker because the guild members
donated most of the contents.

Elfrieda (sitting) and Amy (who designed this quilt) in
front of our 2009 raffle quilt. The theme for our show
and raffle next year is "Down by the Sea".
View from the front of the hall. Some of these ladies
are very serious about playing Bingo. We had a great
time and our guild made lots of money.

This weekend I will be organizing for retreat. I have
some decisions to make about what I will be taking
to work on. (I always take too much).

Until next time...


Lisa C said...

You forgot one picture... the bake sale! That's the only table I won at...a YUMMY peach crisp! Susie, please post that recipe. Great comfort food!

The bingo was really fun...even though I didn't win your quilt (grumble-grumble) You can't see me, but I was in row three, behind the lady that won THREE times (two quilts & one encore prize). My friends and I had a great time.

Nice quilt for the caller. He was pretty funny... he said, "premature-bingolation..." bawhaha

kansaswx said...

It was a great day. I hope we keep on growing. for next year? Watch this site! Your quilt was the best "special" at the bingo.