Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quickie Quilt

I will consider this my two-week quilt. This picture was
taken this morning (Thursday) and the only thing left
to do is finish the binding. (I am not labeling this quilt
because I don't know the recipients that well and in 20
years they won't remember me anyway. They will have
their own stories/history about this quilt). I started it
last Sunday-11 days ago. I
got it all cut out on Sunday,
sewed the center of the quilt
from Monday through
Thursday. I was off work on
Friday so bought the border
and backing, and got those
sewn on. Then I basted it
on Saturday, got it quilted
from Saturday through Monday (I was off work again).
Now I am binding it. Whew, it's amazing what you can
accomplish when you have a deadline. This was a
self-imposed deadline of course. I work in a very
deadline oriented business (magazine production)
so I try not to give myself many self-imposed deadlines.

We have a new assistant pastor at our church and
there is something about this young man that I just
love. (Besides the fact that he is an awsome preacher!)
He and his cute wife are expecting their first baby
(a boy) in January and the church-wide shower is
this Saturday. I know they could probably use
practical things like diapers and gift cards for
formula and stuff but I just had to make them a quilt.
I like to imagine all the many happy hours,
raising a sweet boy, playing I Spy.

Until next time...


Vicki W said...

That's a really cute quilt!

The Calico Cat said...

I love it!

julieQ said...

Well, awesome that you could finish a quilt so soon! Lovely...

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh my I totally totally 100% love this so much I might whip one up. Well, I'm full of it because I'm in the middle of something but still... ;) You've managed to inspire me.

Mary said...

Great quilt, the red makes it scream little boy!

Teresa said...

Very nice quilt - I just love red! I have a question for you - I was in DC a couple of weeks ago and where do people living in DC buy their fabric and sewing supplies? I did not see a single quilt or fabric shop in the telephone directory for DC!