Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OK, OK, I'm back

Yeah, I know, I've been back from retreat for two weeks
now. And I do have lots of excuses for not posting, but
let's just say I couldn't get to it. It has a little to do with
my sense of rebellion and, well, all those excuses.
So let's just move on.
This was our view from our little cabin at West River
(south of Annapolis). Just one hour after getting there
and unloading the car, and setting up the tables with
Georgia, and setting up my sewing space, the world
just fell away. I mean it is the total opposite of stress.
Four days of it. Four days of sewing, laughing, eating,
sleeping, laughing and sewing. We all got so much
done this year.
I worked on this wall hanging from Pat Sloan. I bought
the fabric kit from Traditions at the White Swan who
vendors at our quilt show. I won't tell you how many
years I've had it. Georgia was making one too.
Loretto finished these cute wall hangings.
Marcie had the best idea of the weekend. She bought
some Vera Bradley napkins and some other fabrics that
coordinated with them and started a quilt with this
pattern. Each napkin will yield four blocks. I just love
it and think it's going to be stunning.
And BTW, Cathy embroidered that cute spider along
with pumpkins and haunted houses and more for
each of us.
Here's Cathy working on her new Grandson's quilt with
Kim watching. Cathy was sooo diligent, working on
that quilt the whole weekend. She made major progress.
Loretto (ironing) and Marcie holding up her cute
TP wall hanging.
Terri holding up a cute purse that Flo made. Here's Georgia sewing on her new machine.
You might recognize her from last year.

We sewed on all sorts of machines from a 25-year-old Singer to the newest Viking Diamond. So now I'm depressed to be back in reality. The next retreat is February. After the holidays I'll start counting the sleeps.

Until next time...


Paula said...

Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love all the projects everyone was working on.

pat sloan said...

TOTALLY love your angels... one of my all time favorite angels I designed!!!

Big hugs... Pat Sloan

julieQ said...

How fun! Looks like you had the best time! I agree with Pat, I love your angels too!