Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back to Reality and mystery solved!

Quilt retreats are good for the soul.
Sewing, laughing, eating and sleeping -- in that order.

We all decided that next year we are going to go an
extra day. The weather was unseasonably warm this
year, but we just turned on the fans and didn't let
it slow us down.

All seven of us got alot done too. New projects
started and old ones finished.

Here are some of the mystery quilts we put together.
It is called Fractured Crystals by Linda Ballard and
I got it from the HGTV web site.
This one is Georgia's
This one is Cathy's

And this one is mine--without borders.

I wanted to miter my borders since there will be three of them and
duh- I forgot my large piece of the outer border (dk blue)
More people from my bee are still working on theirs and I'll show
you those as they finish. I should post them all together too so you
can see how different they all look depending on the value.

I will leave you with a final picture. Since we all looked, hmmm,
shall I say "comfortable" I couldn't possibly show the world what
we looked like.

Until next time...


Helen in the UK said...

The mystery quilts look great. I had to double check the text to make sure they WERE all the same pattern because the different colour choices make the quilts look very different! Great job :)

swooze said...

What different looks from a single pattern. I love your colors.

julieQ said...

Very pretty mystery quilt! I did one mystery, and it kind of looks funny...but I am game to try another. Great colors in Yours!


mar said...

Quilts are cool! but I thought you said it was warm? what's with the hoodie? LOL

Dawn said...

Oh it is so cool to see those mystery quilts! Isn't it fun to see how different the pattern looks based on the fabrics and value! Way fun!