Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scrappy blues

Sorry-the title could be misleading. I am not feeling blue, I am
finally starting my scrappy blue quilt. I have been dreaming,
collecting, planning, searching and cutting for years now.
All the stars must be aligned because I found just the right
pattern and have . . . started. (Which as we all know is a very
long way away from . . . finishing!

This block is called Mary's block. I'm sure that it has other
names but if you want to peak at the end, you'll see it.
I have also changed the sizes a bit so I can use my Easy
Angle ruler. It is the same basic principle as my black &
white & red quilt. (Sorry I don't know how to link the page

There are many many ways to set this block and I am cutting
other colors to make another scrappy one . . . someday!
Actually, it would make a good leader/ender project.

So the first pic above shows the components. 2.5" squares,
2.5" x 3.25" rectangles of the lights and 4.5" x 5.25"
rectangles for the larger triangles. Piece the squares and
small rectangles as shown above.

Then put the larger rectangle right sides together and
cut both with the Easy Angle ruler. (above) Sew each
together diagonally. Very easy.

This is the setting I am planning to use, but the
possibilities are endless.

I will be working on this at my retreat coming up later
in the month. In fact in 15 more days, not that I'm
counting or anything. I will be posting about my
preparations later. I believe that the anticipation,
planning and preparing are almost just as fun as
the retreat itself.

Until next time...


Dawn said...

I"ve always loved making those blocks that way! I like your blues and tans!

mar said...

Checking in to see how your blues are coming along, I'm working with brights at the moment and your blues look so soothing! :-)

Marilyn R said...

Blue is my favorite color, so of course I love blue scrappy quilts. Yours will be beautiful!