Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just not sure, must keep at it

These are very rough, preliminary layouts but so far....hmmmm....
I don't know. When you pick a fabric and have a vision in your
head and then have trouble getting that vision out of your head...
well that just makes me want to give up, throw it in a box and
move on to something else. Unfortunatley, I want to give this
quilt to my son's wonderful girlfriend for Christmas, so giving
up is not an option.

Many people in my guild have made spectacular quilts using
the Nine-Patch Pizzazz book. I am trying but am not likng
this at all. I think I am over thinking things. The colors are
perfect so I think I will ask my art director son to help me
arrange them better. Ugh this is frustrating.

Here is another disappointment. I bought this pack of twenty fat
quarters at the Annapolis quilt show in June. It is Roman Holiday
and I thought it would make a good Christmas quilt for my daughter.
Well, I just know she probably won't like it and I'm not sure I really
like it. I mean, it's beautiful, just not what I had expected. There
is too much blue for it to be a Christmas quilt, but the reds have
holly on them. Oh well, this one might not get quilted until next
Christmas. Maybe I'll give it to my cousin.

Until next time...


Jill Smith said...

Why don't you make art quilts as there great fun to make and more exciting as l can't get on with what l call proper quilting.Being a graphic artis you would be a natural and you can't make mistakes
I belong a large mailng group and the ideas just flow and its called quiltart and its not a yahoo group, if you want to know get back to me,

Helen in the UK said...

I think the blocks with the red in really dominate. If it were me I would try and use the red to create diagonal lines to give the layout some 'form'.
Of course, this might be exactly what you are trying to avoid :)