Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting something new

Ahhhhh, I love this feeling.
I few times a year (and I mean a few...maybe two) I get to a point in my quilting adventures where it is time (without guilt, I might add) to start a new project. After our quilt show in March (which caused all sorts of deadline stress) I found myself finishing lots of odds and ends, including getting a few tops put together, making backings, and rounding up batting for said same. Oh and I also have been doing some superficial organizing-as-you-go in my sewing room. Soooooo, I have been accumulating piles of projects (ie fabric with patterns in boxes and bags) ready to start when the moment was right. Well I have spent the last two weekends cutting, cutting, cutting. I have three quilts cut and bagged, ready to start piecing. Here is one of them.
You can see the sample in the upper right corner. Deb Tucker made this quilt and I just loved it, mainly because it uses lots of different fabrics. Deb taught our guild the Hunter's Star class (she invented this amazing ruler that makes the quilt so much fun to make) and she brought all sorts of quilts to show us during her lecture.

There is something strange about this quilt though. All I had was the photo to go by and when I drafted it out to cut, I wanted the trees to be taller than they are wide. So the blocks are not square. You can sort of tell by the red nine patch.

My family will be going to the beach in a few weeks and I want to take something all cut so I can just piece. (Only if the weather is bad though)

More tomorrow. (I promise)

Until next time...

I am very (parenthetical) today huh?


Anne said...

do you piece by hand at the beach or do you take a machine?

retstoy said...

Susie I always love your work. You do such a great job.

The Calico Cat said...

MARCH! - Has it really been that long?

Teresa said...

That's a great quilt and I like the "elongated" nine patch - what a cool idea!