Monday, November 21, 2011

They just keep coming

Weddings and babies that is and not necessarily in that order ;-)!

I have a lot of cousins and we all got married and had kids around the same time so that means that all those kids are now getting married and having babies around the same time too. I am not complaining mind you. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. And those babies sure are fun.
This is a baby I spy for a little boy to be born in February. When his parents announced his gender they started calling him blue and then blueberry. So there is blueberry fabric right in the middle. There are also other significant fabrics in there like Redskins for Dad (even though they stink!!!) and Ravens for Mom (not my favorite team even though I am a Baltimoron).

It is mostly put together and I plan on quilting it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. That is if I can get my sewing machine to work. It just up and stopped running right in the middle of quilting another quilt on Saturday. I lent my friend my other machine and will get that one back tomorrow so I do have a backup. I was surprised at how "off" I felt this weekend without my Berninas. I got out my featherweight and pieced some but I still had this feeling that something just wasn't quite right. Anyone else feel that way about their machines?

Happy stitches,

Oh, and go visit Judy to see what's on everyone else's design wall


Lynn said...

That is a fabulous quilt for little "Blueberry". I like your corners with the block accents.

Quilter Kathy said...

I definitely feel that way about my machine! A great baby quilt with lots of special/meaningful touches!

Debbie said...

What a great baby quilt! I totally feel that way about my Berninas!

Bonnie said...

Argh -- my Bernina did the same thing on Monday. It worked the night before just fine. I moved it downstairs to the dining room table and plug it back into an extension cord... it would not turn on at all. Turns out the extension cord was the problem. Darn, I was all set to go buy a new Bernina on Friday. Not yet, but soon. And, thank goodness it is working again. Di you check the power coming into the machine?

Oh come on, the Ravens are pretty good... but those Redskins... nah.