Monday, December 12, 2011

Burgoyne Surrounded Swap

Last week when my Bernina 153 just stopped working and my other machine, my Bernina 180, was on loan to a friend, I sort of went through sewing withdrawal. I mean I was really discombobulated. So I got out my featherweight and started sewing together these blocks.

My guild, thanks to Cappy and Mary, organized a scrappy swap of the components for these blocks. We swapped all dark 4-patches, dark-light 4-patches, dark-light 9-patches, the 5x2 unit for the sides and plain neutral rectangles. It took a few months and some of the ladies have already completed their quilts.

I have always wanted to make this pattern. Throw in the scrapiness and the little pieces (each square is 1") and I knew this was in my future. I love working on this. It sure came to my rescue when I needed to just sit and sew. I only have three blocks done.

Once the holiday busyness is over this will be my next finish project. That is after, (or I should say while) I finish the baby quilt, and quilt two or three other tops!!

I always have a few projects in different stages. That way I tame the A.D.D.!!!

Wishing you a few moments to sit and sew

PS I got my 180 back from my friend so all is right in my world. The 153 is still in the shop.

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Pattilou said...

I've never seen this before and I really like how it is coming together!

Diane said...

great blocks-oh man nothing worse than losing the machine-shows us for the 'addicts' we really are. :)

Sue Daurio said...

oh that is a great pattern. I may have to use that to get rid of some of my scraps. And yes, I feel the same way when my machines are in the shop. I just miss the girls (my sewing machines) so much.

Gail said...

Have always had Burgoyne on my 'want to' list, but haven't ever seen it done scrappy like this. I LIKE it!

marcella said...

That is a really fun swap idea. The blocks are looking really great. Guess having a back up machine for the back up machine is really important if you don't want to do hand work! Glad that one of the machines is back home again. Hope the other one is fixed and home again soon.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

I love your scrappy quilt.

Judy D in AZ said...

I have always wanted to do this quilt but never thought to do it scrappy and certainly never thought to do it as a swap.

Would you send me the details for the swap so I can see if my group wants to do this? Thanks.