Monday, July 2, 2012

I did it!

Three weeks from purchasing the fabric to washing the final quilt.

It is in the dryer as I type. And a week early I might add (the shower is next Sunday).

I always wash and dry a quilt before I give it away. I also let the recipient know how to care for it and since this is a baby quilt I hope it will be used and washed often.

I think I might even ask for this one back in March to enter it in our quilt show.

Lots of drama in our area over the weekend. A severe storm hit late Friday night and caused a whole bunch of wind damage and power outages. I have to admit that my husband and I slept through the whole thing. We are usually the first to lose power but this time blessedly we didn't. I ran out Saturday to get my hair cut then quickly back home and otherwise I stayed inside the whole weekend. I was worried about the traffic lights being out when I came to work this morning but they were fine on my route. My heart goes out to those without power. The power companies are saying that they might not get everyone back on until Friday.

Happy sewing,


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scraphappy said...

What a great baby quilt. Almost a shame to give it away.

Nann said...

It's FONTastic!

Bonnie said...

It's great to see this quilt done. Gold stars for you getting it done EARLY! The greater DC area was badly hit. DD is 36+ weeks pg with a toddler under 2 and no electricity. And, most likely her day care doesn't have power either. Same date for getting it back on. It isn't a pretty scene. Glad you were safe and have power.

AnnieO said...

It looks even more wonderful as a finished quilt. Congrats on the design and build coming in early!

Kim said...

Super quilt! You've done a great job and it's sure to be a winner in the show...go for it! ( if you can wrestle it back from the baby :0) )

Happy sewing

Marj said...

Beautiful baby quilt. Love the colors you used.

make.share.give said...

Love the alphabet quilt. I'm sure they won't mind to let you borrow it back for the show.
Our power stayed on and leaves are all over the yard, but my neighbors have shingles blown off and trees down. Not very much rain with the storm though.

Amy said...

Thumbs up on the quilt! Very cute. Glad you didn't lose power and hopefully don't have any damage from the storm.