Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Quilt number 2

So this one was a little easier. I used a cheater for the center and put a pieced border on. I am quilting it now and it is going very fast. I also bought a nursery rhyme book that has a music CD with it, to give along with this cute Mother Goose theme.

I had a few misgivings about making a "cheater" for their baby but in surveying my friends and cousins both quilters and non-quilters everyone thought this was very cute.

The baby shower is Aug 26 so hopefully I will get a little break to work on some of my own quilts.

My son bought a house and will be moving the end of this month. I have plans to make him a t-shirt quilt to give him at Christmas. And since he loooooves Christmas I'd like to give him a Christmas table runner and maybe even a Christmas quilt too.

Hmmm, I just got an idea for my next blog post. I will show you the millenium quilt I made for his high school graduation in the year 2000.

Happy sewing,
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AnnieO said...

This is an adorable panel! Adding your pieced work and quilting makes it your own. Great job--I'm sure it will be much loved!

diana569 said...

This is amazing! No one will notice the panel they will be looking at the wonderful pieces blocks!

Loretto said...

Love the finished quilt.