Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pin Cushions

Every year, at our guild retreat, my friend Georgia demonstrates
a pin cushion for us to make. It started with the chicken (center).
Then the cathedral window square came next. Last year was the
strawberry, then the year before that was the crab. The mouse
was the hardest one to do, mainly because of the tail. The puffy
pillow wasn't made at our retreat but I bought it from our guild
table at our quilt show. It was made by Pam B. The only pin
cushion that is not included here is the turtle. I made it but
never stuffed it and now I can't find it!!! And I really want to
find it and finish it since I am a Terp alumni. (University of
Maryland for anyone like me who doesn't know college mascots
except for their own!)

And that segues into my messy sewing room. I have been working
on Christmas gifts and as of Friday at 6am I will be in my mad
Christmas panic so I don't forsee any organizing going on in my
sewing room until after the holidays. I just hope I don't lose
anything too important. I mean it is bad. I have a path from the
sewing machine to the ironing board. I will be cleaning off the
sewing table after the gifts are done to use as a wrapping station.
Maybe I can find a few stolen minutes to at least get started.
EEEK where do I start??!!

Until next time...

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Quilting Pirate said...

Yah for the Terps!! Thought the blue crab also works for Maryland :D

What creative pin cushions, sounds like a fun retreat tradition!