Monday, November 26, 2007

Two more gifts done!!-Boxes

Aren't these the cutest???!!! They are for my two sons' girlfriends,
Angela and Hannah. The boxes turned out better than I expected.
They were very easy, so much fun to make and the directions were
very clear. I would like to buy more of these kits (fabric not
included) but I bought them last year so I don't know if I can get
them again. I will be on the look out. I know I could probably find
them online but for now, I need to concentrate on Christmas.

And by the way, my daughter loved the Christmas wallhanging.
(See First Gift... post) She is constantly surprising me because
she said she wanted to hang it on the wall as opposed to using
it as a table topper. So I kept it this weekend and sewed a sleeve
on the top and the bottom to insert dowels. I sew sleeves on the
bottom, too sometimes to help the wallhanging hang better.
I was also surprised that neither she nor her husband knew
what a dowel was. Ah these twenty-somethings live in a
different world sometimes huh?

And I had said she wasn't the wallhanging type!!!
Who knew???

Until next time...


Catherine said...

The boxes are fabulous as are the pin cushions in the previous post. Lovely work.

Dawn said...

These boxes are wonderful! Very cute! I may have to keep my eyes open for the pattern too!

Floss said...

These boxes are so cute, I saw someone making these in the spring and have been on the look out for the kits, but no luck so far.

mar said...

very cute, love the black and white one.:-)

julieQ said...

These are so pretty!! A lucky person who receives these boxes, as well as the gifts!


Renee Michaels said...

These boxes are stunning, great job! I looked around and found the kits here:
(scroll down to see all boxes).