Monday, December 3, 2007

Joy to the World

I know you all have seen this pattern by Nancy Halvorsen.
It was fun to make and JUST fits over my mantle. The
mantle (as well as the house) isn't completely decorated yet
but I always can't wait to hang this so it goes up first.

My bee (there are 9 of us) goes out to dinner for our
Christmas party. We then go back to someone's house
for desert and exchange gifts. We have done a block
exchange, drawn names, or exchanged fat quarters.
But our favorite gift exchange is one we like so much
we have done it for many years. We give each friend
a gift but our dollar limit is $2–3 each. You have to
get very creative when you can only spend that small

Last year I made everyone slippers. I bought that
rubber shelf liner stuff to use for the soles. This year I
made everyone a cover for a square tissue box. They
are all made with sewing theme fabric to be used
in their sewing rooms. Here is a photo of three of them.

The one on the left has cats in a quilt shop. Then
Sunbonnet Sue in the middle and the one on the
right says "Quilter are Piecemakers". I have thimbles,
hearts, and needles and thread but they aren't done yet.
I have time, our party isn't until the 19th.

Until next time...

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Linda said...

I've never seen the pattern before, but I love it. Am interested in the slippers you did. I just made a pair and used the jiffy grip. How did the shelp linner work out, did it hold up to wear and tear?