Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sewing Sitters

Aren't these just about the cutest things you ever saw!!!??
They are resin and each one is about 4" tall so they
can be seen really well sitting on a shelf

I found them last year and bought two sets. One I gave
as my brown-bag gift exchange at our guild retreat in
February. Needless to say it was stolen a few times.
I just googled Sewing Sitters and found them on ebay
and at which is where I bought them.
I paid full price and I see they are drasticlally reduced.
Oh well.

I worked on Bonnie's mystery last night and I'm almost
done with the nine patches. I am so obsessive about
random that I cut all my strips into 3.5" pieces and
mixed them up. Then I cut them again into the 1.5"
sections. All this while watching NCIS and The
Biggest Loser. I love to multitask!

Until next time...


Marilyn R said...

The sewing sitters are adorable!

Floss said...

The sitters are sooo cute. They made me smile.

Dawn said...

I love those shelf sitters. I almost bought them for gifts and now regret I didn't. Maybe I"ll have to get them for retreat gifts in Jan!

Ginger Patches said...

Oooo those guys are too cute! I must have some :)

Quilting Pirate said...

these are just too cute and we have a set on display at our LQS that the owner's sister gave to her when she opened the shop. Everyone wants them, but they aren't for sell! :D

Yah, for ebay!

Phyllis Williams said...

I am surfing around the web ring for the CC Mystery and found you from someone who linked to those darling Sewing Sitters.

I was tickled to find that you, too, are participating in CC~ Please consider joining our web ring.

I am loving your color choices:).