Friday, February 29, 2008

Good stashbuster

I just love piano key borders BUT I must admit I am not wild
about thirties prints. They are cute and all, but not my first
choice. So how did I end up with enough thirties prints in my
stash to make this quilt you ask??? Well, I'll tell ya!

I got swept away by a BOM at Cottonseed Glory in
Annapolis a few years ago. It was one of those deals where
you pay $5 for the first block and if you bring it in finished
the next month you get the next one free. You got to choose
your color way and since I had never done anything in thirties,
I thought that would be something different. I actually liked
the whole concept and participated in it for a few years
(with different colors each year)

Well you know you can't just get the block for that month
and leave. So I bought a few FQs each time and ended up with
a whole box full. I am trying to use them up and have a few
other cute patterns to try. This pattern is from one of the
P.S. I Love You books. They make really cute baby quilts and
I have given this to a friend of ours that has worked for my
husband for many years for her little girl Carlee.

This weekend will be preparations for the Southern Comforters
quilt show March 15-16. I have some sleeves to put on and
some things to make for our auction and craft booths.

Until next time...


Suzy Quilter said...

Purty! I LOVE 30's fabrics, so if you have any leftover you don't plan to use, feel free to send 'em my way. LOL!

julieQ said...

Very pretty 1930's quilt. Great job on your piano keys!! Yep, the shop did great, coaxed you into buying a little more fabric than the BOM! Fun, huh!!