Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a mess

I haven't been doing much sewing the last few days. I've been
cleaning and organizing the closet in my sewing room.
I took the doors off years ago because they took up alot of
space into the room. There used to be two filing cabinets in
the closet and that didn't leave much room for anything else.
So we took out one cabinet and that left room for these great
shelves. I still have to tackle the top shelf which is just boxes,
a basket full of old neck ties and some old magazines.
I think both my husband and I come very close to being
called pack rats. I actually have boxes of boxes, bags of bags,
and bags of boxes!!! For some strange reason I like to keep
bags and boxes. It is satisfying to find just the right size of
box or bag when I need one. We do periodically go on a
tossing spree. It feels good.

So for now everything that belongs in the closet is in the
dining room. Think it will all fit back in??!!!

It has been fun going through the boxes and getting re-inspired
by all the fabric and UFOs.

The closet will be put back this weekend along with . . . . .

seriously packing for retreat! I have some cutting to do and
just generally deciding what I want to work on for four days
of blissful sewing. . .and eating. . . and laughing. . . (notice
I didn't say sleeping--not much of that goes on)

Nine more days!

Until next time...


Quilting Pirate said...

I had to giggle at your stack of tubs/bins! I have my stack in the same manner in the corner of my sewing room. I feel overwhelm to go through them, but I need to!

Hope packing goes well...I always over pack with too many projects :D

Mary said...

I don't know if it will all fit back!

My sister Deb took the doors off her closet too and it works much better for her.