Monday, September 29, 2008

My life BQ

That's "before quilting". Before I was obsessed with
fabric, I was obsessed with beads. My friend at work
got me hooked on beading in 1991. I made this
bracelet years ago and I have gotten so many
compliments from quilters that they asked me to
help them make one for themselves. It is from Carol
Wilcox Wells' book Creative Bead Weaving.
I started making one in all blues. Goodness knows I
have enough blue beads. Hmmm this could also be
why I have more blue fabric than any other color.
I was so inspired when I got home I made these cute Christmas trees on Sunday.
They are for my friend Teri who lives in Paducah. She is
the one we stay with when we go to the quilt show. I
actually made myself a pair with a gold star and base
years ago. I wore them to church one Christmas Eve
and Teri liked them, so I took them out of my ears
and gave them to her right there on the spot. She likes
them but asked me to make her a pair in silver. So
here they are! I will mail them some time in November.
I just have to make myself another pair... SOON!
They are too cute. (BTW the pattern is from
Bead & Button
Dec 1998)

Until next time...

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