Friday, September 5, 2008


It's been two weeks since I've posted. I don't have any
excuses except that I tend to rebel when non-life-
threatening things hang over me. I also have had some
health issues, computer problems, camera problems
and been screaming busy at work. But I have had those
before and still managed to post.

I have also noticed that I have had more than 10,000
visitors and missed my 1 year blogiversary. This
weekend I will decide on a giveaway and announce it
next week. I don't usually get many comments on my
posts, so maybe this will generate some.

So dear readers (Hello...hello... is anyone there???) I am
sorry and will try to do better.

Now every time I thought to take pictures as I was
sewing these past two weeks I was working on
something that I had posted about before. I finished
the Carolina Crossroads, label and all that I will be
donating to our Guild Quilt Bingo. I decided not to
name it Carolina Rebel because some people might
take offense. I am now binding the Star Struck that
I will go to Leslie, a guild member and Red Cross
volunteer who actually has the privilege of handing
out quilts to wounded soldiers at Andrews Air Force
Base. I put borders on it and just now realized I
haven't taken its picture.

Pat and Debi, if you are reading this please don't
look at this picture.

Our guild is having a pin cushion swap this Wednesday
and I made this one. It was designed by Ami Simms.
I used real tart mini-pans (that Georgia gave me, if I
promised to make her one) and glued some heavy
washers in the bottom to give it some weight. I made
it a little differently than the directions (what a surprise!!!).
I also made this cute little pin cushion with a golf tee
that fits into a spool of thread. I got the pattern from
Arlette at Polka Dot Pineapple. She has the cutest things
and a few tutorials too. I need to raid my husband's golf
bag to get some more tees.

My cousin's daughter is getting married tonight so we
will be with all our family and I am looking forward to it.
(Especially since we weren't together at the beach 'cause
I got dragged to Alaska!)

Until next time... (and I promise it will be soon!)


The Calico Cat said...

Nice pie

Karen Dianne Lee said...

The pincushions are just too cute!

Karen said...

I hope you are planning to post a picture of the completed Star Struck. I love red, white & blue quilts!
Karen (Short Story Long)

kansaswx said...

I cheated and peeked. Now I will be looking for your brown bag! Georgia gets another pin cushion? I made her one too to give away. Finished it Thursday night while waiting for Hanna to hit. It didn't!

Elaine Adair said...

No apology needed - we are all doing the best we can. If this blogging becomes a chore, than the pleasure is lost.

LOVE your Carolina Crossroads and good job on the back. You are keeping the tradition of using what you have.

Vicki W said...

The pin cushions are adorable!