Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leap, and the net will come

This phrase has been in my mind for many years.
You can apply it to all aspects of your life. It was written
by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way. Being somewhat
of a control freak I definitely need to have faith that
the net will come, if only I would just leap. The creative
process for me is a struggle. There are many reasons
for this but for now I will just keep the topic to quilting.

Making scrap quilts has been very freeing as well as
a learning experience. Dontcha just love Bonnie's
patterns?! They are so easy yet look complicated.
When I am picking through my scraps and I see a
piece that I think might not fit in, I force myself to
use it anyway. It always looks good when you get the
whole thing put together. I have even gotten better
at not worrying about the same fabrics touching
each other!!! I am becoming more random, instead
of "planned random".

This quilt still needs borders and it will be donated
to QOV. It will be my seventh QOV quilt.

Until next time...


Julia said...

I love this one. I have the same problem with being to fussy about colors and the same fabrics not touching each other. I am trying to be a bit more daring myself. Great job!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love your quilts, Susie. Especially this one. Thanks for entering my blog giveaway. Good luck.

Helen in the UK said...

This will make a perfect QOV. Congrats :)

julieQ said...

It is so pretty! Came together very well. I love Bonnie's patterns, and how neat that you are donating it to quilts of valor!

Mary said...

Scrap quilts are my favorites and this one looks great - perfect for a QOV.