Friday, May 16, 2008

Guild Anniversary Party

This is our 2008 Anniversary quilt top. We have a great
tradition in our guild that is for all the members to pitch
in and make a quilt top, organized by the previous
winner. Every member is eligible for the drawing (unless
they have won in the past 10 years) and they win the top
and they get to do the next years' anniversary quilt top.
This is a split nine-patch. We were all given the
background and told to use darks from our stash.
This one was organized by Kim and was won by a brand
new member. This will be a good way for her to get to
know people when she does next years.

The guild also sponsored a nine-patch Pizzazz class.
Here are some of the samples.

We also had a UFO challenge where we had to sign a
contract to finish one of our UFOs to be done by the
Anniversary dinner. This quilt was inherited by Susan
and made by her great grandmother. It is beautiful
and in amazing condition. All she had to do was bind
it. Needless to say, it won! And no, we did not use
it as a table cloth!

Until next time...


Paula said...

Lots of beautiful quilts! I love the scrappy anniversary quilt. And who wouldn't love the grandmother's quilt finished just recently? Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Nancy said...

Great quilt show!! I love the yearly quilt idea. I will have to steal that for my guild.

Did you each make your own Presidents siggy block? Did you have color guidellines?

Helen in the UK said...

Looks like you have lots of fun activities with your Guild. Interesting to see all the 9patch quilts together in different colourways :)