Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Our guild president is giving up her reign and in keeping
with tradition we are giving her blocks. Hers are signature
cross blocks and we are supposed to personalize the
centers. I am a new machine embroiderer so I wanted
to embroider the center. I saw this "Life is just a bowl
of cherries" fabric at Joann's a few years ago and
literally bought 20 yards of it. This was before cherries
were "in" and I even had to search for red and white
fabric to match it. Now it seems cherries and red &
white fabrics are everywhere! I started with a few FQs
and then planned a king-size quilt around it so bought
about 6 yards more, then decided to use it for the back
too so I bought another 12 yards. Needless to say I still
have some of it and even if it is a little thinner than
quilt-shop quality, it has a nice soft feel and I love it.

So thanks Evelyn, you were a great president.

And on the bird front...we have an empty nest! Yep,
they have flown the nest and boy just like the kids they
left a mess behind! So on my husband's to-do list this
weekend is to scrub the side of the house and the
front porch. He is so good!

Bye-bye birdies!

Until next time...

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