Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free motion quilting

I know people have their favorite and least favorite parts
making a quilt from start to finish. I have gone back and
forth over the years liking and not liking certain steps. I
used to only like piecing, then I wasn't too crazy about
cutting but now I enjoy it. One thing I have done that
works for me (having A.D.D.) is to have many projects in
many different stages. That way, if I feel like piecing, or
cutting or quilting or pulling fabrics for a new project, I
work on the quilt in that stage. I do limit myself, however,
so I don't have only UFOs! I get some momentum going
to finish things.

Well, my least favorite part--always has been and
probably always will be--is quilt MARKING. I hate to
mark quilts for quilting. So whenever possible I choose
to free motion. (I do quilt in the ditch, but usually more
quilting is needed.) I don't mind stencils but they can
be limiting sometimes.

I fretted and stewed over how to quilt this pineapple
blossom pattern from Bonnie Hunter . I have a deadline
too. This is for my niece and her bridal shower is June
21. At least I have more time than the last one though.
I started drawing patterns on a piece of tracing paper
but that didn't work. I got out all my stencils but that
didn't work either. I wanted to do a little more than
meander all over. So last Friday night, with my deadline
looming over me I just sat down and started free motion
quilting. I realized that you can over think some things.
I love the large flower and the vine going through the
light squares and triangles. The only thing I should have
done (where I should have thought a little more) is to
quilt the vine in the lights with neutral color thread.

Here is a photo of the whole quilt.
I still like it and the best part is I didn't have to mark

Until next time...


Kim West said...

I hate marking too - I do need to get more confident about "just doing it". Your quilt is wonderful!

julieQ said...

I too do not like marking. Your quilt and quilting is just wonderful.

Lindah said...

Oh, Susie, I like your quilt. Good job! I like seeing the viney/flowery pattern on the white. It adds a beautiful counterpoint to the geometric pineapple. Very nice. I really don't like marking or following (trying to follow) the markings. Free motion is my choice.

Helen in the UK said...

I'm totally with you on hating marking quilting designs - so I go for no-mark free motion stuff too. I LOVE what you've done with this one :)

Teresa said...

I think it looks great!!!

retstoy said...

Susie, no matter what you do it alwasys looks great.

kansaswx said...
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kansaswx said...

I love your quilt. I'm such a new quilter that I'm probably never going to do anything but meandering. The good thing is I like it, especially my new little loopdy loop design. Wish I could do the flower though.

Rose Marie said...

Love what you have done with this quilt and green is a beautiful colour, especially the way it turned out here. I'm a blue person but would attempt to make one of these in green, too.