Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a mess!

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get

This all started because I have given up the guild library
(the best job in the whole guild-I have had for 6 years!)
and I have to admit, I miss all those books. I counted
them as I was organizing them for Amy, the new librarian,
and there are 476 books. But I LOVE all that space they
left. So I got a bee up my you-know-what and decided
to move things around.

This is complicated so pay attention.
(Sorry, that is the Mom in me talking)
Here is the library as it was.

Most of my fabric was on those brown shelves on the
far left (above). I moved it all to the dining room table... I could move those brown shelves.
You see, on the other side of the room were my other
shelves that were white. Those shelves were filled with
all my quilt books and magazines. I happened to have
another white shelf unit that was just lounging
(unassembled) in the garage. Now with all this space
to fill, I thought, "Wouldn't my fabric look good on
BOTH white shelves in this beautiful space left by the
library?" So, boom, there I was taking all my books and
magazines off the white shelves so I could switch them
with the brown one.

Whew, I was ambitious. Actually it didn't take me as
long as I thought. Just a few dozen trips from my sewing
room to the dining room around the corner...and back.

I'm almost done. I will finish this weekend and take
some beautiful pics. Oh and I forgot to mention, all
this is in the midst of finishing the quilting on my
niece's green quilt. That will be done this weekend
too and ready to bind.

Now if I could just get to this last pile of scraps to press cut and organize!
Until next time...


kansaswx said...

Can you now come over and organize my room?

Teresa said...

Can't wait to see the "organized" room. I am one of those people that loves neat organized space and find I am much more productive when things are in their proper place. It gets pretty messy when I am in the midst of a project,but once done, I have to neaten back up before starting the next. Good luck!