Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Baltimore Album blocks

I must say that when I see these blocks here on my
blog, I have a renewed enthusiasm for working on
them. Since I have A.D.D., I seem to stop when I hit
a snag. The block that is unfinished (that I will show
you later) has little lazy daisy embroidery stitches with
beads in the center, and I just couldn't make myself
finish them. Also I'm not crazy about the block. Just
like I'm not crazy about the top one shown here.
It was one of the earlier ones and I think the flowers
are too big. I do like the second block, but I think
those little embroidered things look like worms!
But this could be the weekend that I actually
get re-started. You all hold me accountable now OK?
Also the next block has a woven basket that I AM
looking forward to working on, so......
I'll let ya know on Monday!!!

Remember that our guild president ended her term?
We have a new president, Pat, and she is gonna be a
good one! I can tell. Not that the previous presidents
haven't been good, we have been lucky in that area.
They have each had their own styles and focus. It's
just that Pat, well, is an attorney and seems to have
a knack for being very concise, organized, fair and
forthright. I like that. I don't know if that's a lawyer
thing or a Pat thing. Anyway, Pat, I hope you have a
fun reign as our fearless leader!

Until next time...

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