Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm back

Boy, it has been a while since I've posted. Sorry about
that. I have been too busy reading the ENTIRE
Pioneer Woman (aka P-Dub or Ree for real) web site!
This woman is hysterical. And her recipes are absolutely
delicious and her husband aka "Marlboro Man" is a real
live cowboy and handsome to boot. (Oh my I made a
pun!!!) Check it out.
My friend Mary and I went to the Annapolis Quilt Show
this weekend. Mary is in our bee, The Piecemakers, and
we usually meet at her house. We had a great time
looking at the beautiful quilts and the many vendors.
I sometimes can't decide if I like to look at quilts or shop
when I go to quilt shows. I think it is dead even. The
above quilt was a part of their challenge. Annapolis
always has good challenge ideas and beautiful challenge
quilts. The challenge was to create quilts using the colors
of the Maryland flag. And since I am born and bred in
Maryland, have never lived anywhere else, a true Terp,
("Fear the Turtle!") , and a Baltimore girl, HUN, I LOVED
all these quilts. This one was my favorite.

Here is what I bought.
Above are some Asian fabrics that I plan to make a
jacket out of. I call them Asian instead of Oriental
because, well, you see, my daughter is Korean and she
has always said it is politically incorrect to call Asians
oriental so I am sensitive about that word. Now, I don't
know if she is right or not, but I figure she would know,
her being Asian and all! I'll write about her and my two
blonde boys in another post.
I also bought a backing (right) fabric for my black,
white and red Carolina Crossroads mystery from
Bonnie Hunter. Then I got a few FQs (because they
were only $1.50 and certainly not because I NEEDED
them!) and some Kona Snow to use for my machine
embroidery. I thought I used lots of restraint. Actually
I have to save my pennies because my husband and I
are going on an Alaskan cruise in four weeks. More
about that later too.

Until next time...

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Teresa said...

Oh those are nice what ya making with them???