Friday, August 1, 2008

Mini retreat

A few times a year, my bee gets together on a Saturday
to sew. I had mentioned at bee this past Wednesday
if anyone wanted to schedule one and Georgia popped
up with, "How about this Saturday at my house?" So
three of us are going on a mini retreat!
This is Georgia....
...isn't she cute?!!!

Anyway, my first thought about this sew day is what
shall I work on. My guild, Southern Comforters, is
having another Quilt Bingo in October and we need
to donate alot of quilts for prizes. I have decided to
donate my Bonnie Hunter mystery, Carolina Crossroads.
I am calling mine Carolina Rebel because I had to
change it around a little.
I decided it didn't even need borders. And I am so
proud of myself for making a scrappy back out of
some black & white leftovers.
I don't usually do this but it really does use up stash.
So we pin basted it Wednesday at bee and I will be
overall meandering it on Saturday. I think I can finish
the quilting and start the binding on Saturday. I am
also taking my Glacier quilt to start on. I washed the
fabrics last night and started reading the directions.

I will take pictures of our mini retreat to share.

Until next time...


Vicki W said...

Whoever wins that quilt will be THRILLED!!!

kansaswx said...

I am CERTAIN you are going to win a prize for donating this quilt because it will easily be one of the Specials!

I woke up this morning thinking about mini retreats. Maybe I'll host one.

Helen in the UK said...

Love your rebellious version of the CC!! Great colour choices too :)