Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tell and Show

Last week at our guild meeting I had a "tell" during our
show and tell time. I received an exciting parcel in the
mail from Peg Bingham. Last fall she came to teach us
her Celtic class. She was teaching her overhand knot
this time and I wanted to combine each knot and set
on point. Click here to see the quilt I made. She liked
my idea so much she added it to her book, calling it
Over Again! I am so flattered. So the book is now
printed and she even mentioned me in the front. I
have started pulling fabrics to make the table runner.
If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes,
jump at it. She is a great teacher and her patterns
are very easy. They might look a little daunting but
if you take it step by step they always turn out beautiful.

Here's my show.
I have finished the top of my glacier quilt and had lots
of curved triangles left over. They had to be hand cut
to decrease the bulk from the back. I have this
ScrapMaster Ruler by Judy Hopkins that I bought years
ago thinking it would be great for cutting up scraps.
Well, it is! The curved scraps are at the top right and
I got two sized triangles from them. I don't know yet
if I should sew them to each other or maybe I'll sew
them to a dark blue. Play time! I see perhaps a pillow,
or a picture frame for an Alaska photo, or a
wallhanging or...

Until next time...

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Teresa said...

Congratulations! I have an interest in the celtic not patterns, just have not gotten there yet - other than using some in hand quilting designs.