Monday, August 4, 2008

Retreats are good for the soul

Back in 2000, when I went to my very first quilt retreat
(the big one that my guild sponsors) I was asked to
write an article, as a first-timer (or retreat virgin we
now call it!). The title was "Quilt retreats are good for
the soul." And that hasn't changed. No matter how
long--a few hours or a few days-- or how many
people are sewing together, the world just falls away.
Well, not completely, because we all share our joys
and concerns about just about anything you could
think of in our lives.

So this was a mini retreat, just 7 hours on Saturday.
We all got alot done.
Guess who this is! Georgia is always hiding! Well, it was at her house and she really didn't have to get dressed but she looked fine to me! She is hiding behind her postcards for her exchange that she wanted to get done. She did. Aren't they cute?!
Terri was working on her Boxer quilt for her son.
She got all the topstitching done and started to put
it together. The fabrics are just the cutest things.
And here I am putting the binding on my Bingo
donation. I got the quilting done (I did start it on
Friday night) and the binding put on and started hand
sewing the binding while my husband and I watched
a movie that night. I will finish it, complete with label,
to take to guild on Aug 13. That will be crossed off
my list. I really don't do deadlines in my quilting life.
I work in a deadline business and my quilting is
supposed to be my relaxation. So if I have a deadline
for a quilt, it makes it feel like work. That's why I wanted
to get this done in plenty of time.

Next on my list is quilting my star struck RWB that I
made in Bonnie Hunters class when she was here in
April. Its all basted and ready to go. That one is for
QOV. And since I have to have projects in every stage,
(to appease my A.D.D.) I will start cutting my Glacier quilt.

So if you need some solace for your soul or just want
to have a relaxing time, plan a mini retreat. Just grab
a few quilting sisters, set a date, make a little food
and sew, sew, sew. (And laugh, laugh, laugh... and
talk, talk talk... you get the idea)

Until next time...


Karen said...

We all need girl time, don't we? Your QOV is beautiful!

CJ said...

I really like the RED,WHITE & BLACK quilt! I want to do a black and white + one other color quilt someday. Yes, I do. I even have that listed on my blog -quilts to do someday. I would probably go with RED, since it is my fave color. The 'boxers' quilt is cute.

julieQ said...

Fun, a mini retreat sounds great! Looks like you got so much done, too. I really like your red and black quilt.