Monday, April 14, 2008

Bonnie's fun class

Time flew! Sewing machines buzzed! Laughter abounded!
And lunch was delicious (Thanks Debi)
That's how I would describe our Saturday taking Bonnie's
class. She taught Star Struck and it goes really fast. Of
course all our strips were cut so all we had to do was,
what Bonnie calls "power sewing".

Here is Bonnie cutting up shirts she bought the day
before at a thrift store. See the two bags on the floor
beside her. They are full of 100% cotton shirts and
let me tell you they are amazing. The fabrics are
beautiful and they feel great. Bonnie says she goes
by the feel as to what shirts will be good for a quilt.

Isn't Pat's scrappy bargello beautiful. I think she made
it during Bonnie's Bargello bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.

This is my Star Struck colors. I got most of the units
done, so all I have to do is lay them out and sew them
together. I will donate it to Quilts of Valor. Hopefully
I can get it done in a month.

And last but not least, me and Bonnie!
It was a great day, Bonnie is delightful as well as inspiring.

Thanks Bonnie.
Until next time...


Ruthie said...

It looks like you had a great time with Bonnie!

Helen in the UK said...

Oh, I'm envious!! Must have been such fun to meet Bonnie in person and take a class. Your blocks look great :)