Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hi, my name is Susie...

...and i am a fabriholic.
Is there such a thing as F.A. (fabriholics anonymous)?

I really do have a problem and I'm not really sure I
want to cure it...just control it a little bit.

You all know Bonnie Hunter was in town and I attended
her trunk show and a workshop. She so inspired me to
get my scraps in order so I began ironing them to get
ready to cut them. I was OK with the long strips or the
ugly stuff. But I couldn't cut the larger pieces. I'm not
talking about yardage here, I'm talking about pieces
that are smaller than a fat quarter. In fact, when I came
across a whole fat quarter (you know, the ones that don't
even have a tiny circle cut out) I actually put them all
together in a FQ box. So if I cut all these strips, squares
and/or bricks, what if I need a 5" square or a 6" piece?
I won't have any scraps larger than 3 1/2"!!!! Yikes!!
(I'm not including my yardage here am I?)

I know the idea is to have sizes cut so that when you
decide on a pattern, all you have to do is sit and sew,
but I get short of breath, jittery, and filled with anxiety
when faced with a freshly ironed perfect color yellow
that is only 8" x 12". I have decided it's ok not to cut it.
(Until I want to use it of course--and I WILL use it
someday) I am willing to live with that decision.

The photo above is just my basket of long strips, I
have a few more piles just like this, of scraps.

So my solution is to create a box called larger scraps.

Whew, I feel so much better now.

Until next time...


The Quilting Pirate said...

Susie, the first step is to admit it! :) I'm glad there isn't a FA!

She to inspired me to get organize and I hope to go out and get some bins to aid in the process!

Good luck, looks like you are on your way!

Michele said...

This makes perfect sense to me- you could always cut a strip off the bigger piece if you need it.