Monday, April 7, 2008

Willpower - NOT!

Have you ever walked by a vendor at a quilt show, saw
something hanging in their booth and walked right up
and bought it? I didn't even ask the price. No, I'm sure
that has not happened to anyone who quilts! Well,
this little kit (she had the sample made and hanging
up-which helps) just absolutely struck me. I don't know why.
Could it be that it is blue -- or civil war fabrics -- or
simple applique and pieced? I can't wait to start it
but it will be in a few weeks.

Well, doncha know it happened AGAIN! I have seen this
little wallhanging in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and
thought it was nice. Let me tell you, in person it is
spectacular. I met the designer, Joan Jones, and she
gave me simple instructions for making the face. (
They are also included in the kit). I will be taking bets
on whether this will be done by Christmas! (Let me
give you a hint-I won't be holding my breath)

I thought I would pass along a blog/web site that I found

Besides her delicious recipes, she is a funny writer,
a great photographer and her web site is beautiful.
I have made the apple dumplings. (You've GOT to try
them) and the Marlboro Man sandwich. Check it out.
You won't be sorry.

Until next time...

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julieQ said...

yes, I have walked right up and purchased something like that! And I love the Pioneer Woman's site, too.