Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Color Challenge: Yellow

Angela, over at Cottage Magpie, has issued another
color challenge. Her last one was green but I discovered
it too late to enter. This one is yellow. Well I would have
done better with the green. I love yellow, I wear yellow,
I use lots of yellow in my quilting, my hair is yellow
for pete's sake! But I have very little yellow in my
house. I do have plans to paint my bedroom a pale
buttery yellow but that hasn't happened yet.
I should have taken a picture of the paint chips!

So here is the extent of my yellow. And to keep it on
a quilting theme, here is one stack of my yellows in
my stash.
This cute little clock was a birthday gift from my daughter a few years ago. It travels from the bathroom to my sewing room. Everytime I dust it I move it.

Here are a few more yellows in my house.
Over my mantle in the Spring (now!), and on my
sewing room door.

Thanks Angela. This is a cute idea and I have enjoyed
getting ideas to incorporate more yellow in my life!

Until next time...


julieQ said...

I love your yellows! I have about 2 pieces of yellow fabric, that's it! I enjoy your blog...

Cottage Magpie said...

Oooh, such pretty yellow fabrics! I have a thing for yellow--I don't know why I don't decorate with it more? Hmm..... oh, could be that I'm fickle! :-) Thanks for joining in!
~Angela :-)

Carrie said...

Those yellow fabrics are lovely. I'm sure your projects with the fabric will be very nice.