Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring has sprung

How's this for a porch decoration. We have been so
busy the last few weeks that we didn't even notice it.
We usually go in and out of the house through the
garage, so when we noticed this beautiful, perfect
nest on the wreath on our front porch, it was too late!

This was taken a few days ago and my husband peeked
in last night and there are now four eggs. When we go
out the door or when the mailman approaches the
mama robin flies to the tree just off the porch and
squauks at us.

I am not looking forward to the bird poop or the
crying babies but it won't be for long and this
nest is the smoothest, deepest,most symetrical, I
have ever seen. We will remove it after the babies
fly away. We do use the front porch when the weather
gets warmer. This wreath is right above one of the
rockers. I would like to keep it but don't know
about germs or bugs. Anyone ever keep a bird's nest?

Until next time...

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