Thursday, August 14, 2008

Show ’n Tell

Last night at guild meeting I thought to bring my
camera to take pictures of the Show and Tell quilts.
We have such talented (not to mention prolific!) ladies
in our guild. This is just a sampling. There were many
more that I did not photograph.
My bee, The Piecemakers (at least that is our name this
month, we seem to change it periodically!), made this
top for one of our members, Lori, who had back surgery
in April and is going through a long recovery. Still to
be quilted by Cathy (who just got a new Gammill--
lucky girl)
Wow, what a stunning quilt made by Loretto. It must
be King-size because it is huge. It is such a simple
pattern using gorgeous fabric. A previous member of
our guild, Diane, used to own a quilt shop. She made
the most beautiful quilts and her motto was,
"simple patterns, great fabric." Well Loretto, that
formula worked here!
Lisa finished her Star Struck from Bonnie Hunter's class in April.
Elfrieda is another wonderful (read prolific) quilter who
uses great fabrics and simple patterns. I also had to
show you a close-up of the quilting (below)
Susan made this cute football quilt from a pattern in
Quiltmaker magazine. (I think-I hope)
Dawna, who BTW is a new quilter, was told this was an
easy pattern to make her first quilt. Well, I think
someone surely lied to her because this doesn't look
at all easy. But it does look beautiful. She did a great
job on her first quilt.
Barbara, our chief art quilter, (there are more in our
guild and they have even started there own small
group and are having their own show soon) Made this
gorgeous wall hanging. She is always experimenting
with new techniques.

I had a "tell" during show "n Tell last night but you'll
have to wait...

...until next time...

PS Hi Debi


kansaswx said...

Hey, how'd you know I was reading. Duh, because I do every day. Your pictures are great - colors show up even better than in person. I loved the heart one. It looks better than the one my Bee did.

Helen in the UK said...

What a brilliant show and tell. You really do have a great group of quilters there! Thanks for sharing :)