Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Perfect Gift

I promise that this will be the last Alaska post.
My vacation is over, I have been back at work for
almost two weeks now, my laundry is caught up
and it sure is hotter here in DC than in Alaska!

When the members of my bee go away, either on
vacation or to a quilt show, we bring each other
back a FQ, usually with a sewing theme. (there's
only 9 of us so you only need 2 yards, plus some
for yourself)

Well how perfect is this to bring my quilting sisters!
It is eskimos quilting by Barbara Lavalle!!! The fabric
on the left is the companion fabric. I couldn't tell you
about it sooner because we didn't have bee until last
night and I know some of them read my blog. When
I saw it there was absolutely no hesitation. I bought
three yards so that means I have a yard for me.
(The companion fabric is one yard too but I didn't
share that one.)

I will leave you with a final photo of breathtaking
mountains. Living in Maryland, we have lots of beautiful
scenery: the Chesapeake Bay, the Appalachians,
the ocean, rolling hills and fields, tall cities and
quaint towns, lakes and rivers. I have only flown over
the Rockies but I sure love these Alaskan mountains.
And did I tell you, some of them really are purple!
Our country sure is vast and beautiful.
Until next time...

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Oh that fabric is just too marvelous - how lucky you were to find that as a gift from Alaska. I know your bee must have been pleased. I have not tired of your pictures of Alaska - keepem coming!