Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Add another to the pile... be quilted.

This one would be number 4 in that pile!

It is the finished top from my John Flynn "Carnival"
class that my friend Cathy and I took at the Lancaster
Quilt Show in March. You can see the fabrics better here.
John gave us tips on piecing curves and he doesn't pin,
but those smaller curves...good grief...I ended up
pinning those. Now mind you, I am not scared of
curved piecing after recreating my
grandmother’s drunkards path, but this quilt was
trickier, mainly because you had to be aware of where
you are placing the darks/lights. I always enjoy a
challenge and this quilt fit that bill. And, I am proud
to say that it is all from my stash. Even the border is
6" strips from the darker blue batiks.

It looks sort of masculine and my oldest son saw it this
weekend and liked it, so it will go to him.

Until next time...


debby said...

Gorgeous quilt!

Anonymous said...

I saw your quilt but as I'm very busy today I didn't leave a comment. But while reading other blogs, your quilt stayed in my mind and I had to come back and tell you, your quilt is a "jaw dropper". If only I could be as talented.

Quilt Nut said...

absolutely gorgeous!