Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Back!

My reluctant vacation is over and I have to admit...
I had a wonderful time! Alaska is vast, beautiful,
spectacular, awesome and all those adjectives that
describe pure, pristine, uninhabited wilderness.
The photo above is at the Mendenhall glacier.
The cracks in the glacier are the most brilliant turquoise
blue and when the pieces fall off they are blue too.

The photo below is the Dawes glacier way off in the
distance (yes that is an iceberg in the middle that we
had to navigate around). Seals were lounging on that
iceberg too. We also saw whales and bears and eagles.
And to my delight I have to tell you that the mountains
really are purple!
Mary over at Maryquilts was on an Alaskan cruise this
week too and we both were in Scagway on the same day.
I saw her ship and waved but I don't think she saw me!

I did hit the quilt shops in Ketchikan and Scagway.
I'll show you what I bought tomorrow.

It's good to be home.

Until next time...

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Teresa said...

Beautiful pictures and it looks to me like you and hubby were having a good time. Thanks for sharing.