Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to Reality

It's almost not worth going on vacation. Notice I said
almost. This vacation was definitely worth it but of
course not much of my work got done while I was gone.
Someone did do some of my work and she did it WRONG!
I stayed late on Friday trying to fix all her mistakes until
I realized that it would take me less time to just start
over. So I came in really early (6:30am) on Monday
morning and by 9:30 everything was resolved. Ahhhh
that felt good. OK back to quilting stuff. Thanks for
letting me rant!

My husband loves eagles, so I bought some eagle fabric
at Changing Threads in Skagway. The fabric on the right
in the bottom pic is of the Northern lights. I think I will
make some sort of I spy Alaska quilt for my hubby.
This shop is a few doors down from Rushin Tailors,
where I bought the Glacier kit. Here is a pic of the interior.
As I look at this photo, I hope I didn't mix them up. In
other words this might be Rushin Tailors. If I did, I
apologize. I think they are owned by the same person.

I will leave you with another breathtaking view of Alaska.
Until next time...


Teresa said...

Nice fabric and you go ahead and rant all you want - sounds like a worthy reason to rant to me. I got a laugh out the picture of the quilt shop. On first glance, I thought "my goodness that woman has a long arm" then I realized that arm belonged to someone else!

Karen said...

I like your fabrics; they look so crisp and fresh! Your picture of the smooth water is neat, too!