Thursday, September 11, 2008


We all know exactly where we were and what we were
doing seven years ago. I was at work here in Washington
DC, three blocks from the White House, listening in
horror to the radio. When I heard there was a fourth
plane missing and presumed heading to Washington,
I grabbed my purse and left, not even waiting for our
boss to let us go (which he did about 30 minutes later).
It was 10:15am. It was a mad house out on the street.
Everyone, and I mean every single person was on their
cell phone. I couldn't get through to my husband but
I could leave a message. So I called him every 15
minutes to let him know where I was.
It took me 1 hour to travel 6 blocks. Everyone
was polite and seemed calm. I remember thinking on
my way out of town that this could be bad so I stopped
at the grocery store, the bank and the gas station. I
arrived home to lots of messages on our answering
machine checking on us. We all spent the rest of the
day glued to the TV. My boss told us to call the next
morning to see if we could open. We were able to come
to work but there were army guys on every corner with
machine guns and so many emergency and military
vehicles crowding the streets. I didn't want to stay home
the next day. I wanted to come downtown to make sure
everything was still the same. Every thing was still the
same but every one wasn't.

Let's not forget NYC, the Pentagon and the Shanksville,
PA crash. I truly believe that it is entirely possible that the
plane crashing in Pennsylvania could have saved my life.

I will never forget.

Until next time...

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