Monday, March 23, 2009

Quilt Show weekend

Whew and was it ever a good one.
Our guild members sure are talented. We showed some of the most gorgeous quilts. I will be showing a few over the next few days but these I want to show first.

I gave you a teaser here a few weeks ago. This quilt is so different I thought people were going to look at it and say either wow, that is beautiful, or ugh that is the ugliest quilt I have ever seen. Decide for yourself.
Well, I guess more people liked it because it won first place in the large pieced category. It is by Maria Tamaoka from Pinwheels, and all made from the beautiful Daiwabo Taupe fabrics. I was thrilled to win.

You all have seen this quilt here before but here it is actually finished. it won second place in the medium pieced category.
My Glacier quilt from the kit I bought in Alaska this past summer. It is designed by Lisa Moore and made with McKenna Ryan fabrics. This one was actually finished at 10:30 the night before the quilt show set up. Well, I should say the binding was finished because I still have a little work to do on it. I want to put some of those heat set crystals on it and make a label with our picture standing in front of this glacier. I had this picture pinned up next to it so people could really see that this quilt really does look like a glacier!
And here is the photo that I want to put on the label.
So check back later for more quilts from the Southern Comforters 2009 Quilt show in Bowie, MD and to see who I happened to recognize visiting our show.

Until next time...


Mary said...

I'm impressed! I bought that kit too -- mostly for the fabric thinking I'd design a quilt to remember our Alaska trip last summer and haven't even looked at it since.

debby said...

I love that quilt! She's so amazing. Now I have to go find my half-finished Topsy Turvy and make it as beautiful as yours.

I live near Maria... wait until you see what she's doing next!

Judy said...

Love your Topsy Turvy, I finished the blocks one time but I'm just now getting it all together into a top!

Granny's Closet said...

O my gosh! You were in my home town. I was looking at Mary's blog and came across this link and I am like I know that glacier. I have many pictures and have been there a lot. hope you had a good time in Juneau.